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Vacation at Weiberhof

A Vacation for women at Weiberhof is possible all year long. The gentle hill landscape of southern Styria is a special jewel, and each season in this place of tranquil beauty has its charm.
Get settled in, relax, lay back, dream, read, go for a walk, visit our animals on the range, gather energy, enjoy the silence around you….
We have two rooms (with double beds and private bathroom and shower) with a kitchenette available, which can be booked as single or twin rooms, located on the upper floor of the old cider press house. We also have a small apartment for 2 - 3 persons on the ground floor of the main farm house.

- Check-in is at 2 PM
- Check-out is at 11.00 AM

What is Weiberhof?

"Weib", "wib", "wif", or "wife" are all terms for a married woman. Before this term was used to define a women by her relationship to a man, it was used to describe all women, regardless of their marital status. Starting as early as the twelfth century, this term, and the women it described, were devalued, stripped of their knowledge, wisdom, and power.
Today, we use the term “weib” to refer to women who are, once again, independent, self-reliant, strong, creative, cheerful, powerful, autonomous, relaxed and self-responsible.